(Natural Marble/Cultural Marble/Ceramics/Terrazzo flooring)

The ABSOLUTE SPARKLE TREATMENT is most suited for hard decorative flooring types, like marble, ceramics and terrazzo. It not only effectively removes hard-to-remove stains, but also toughens the floor against future shock and abrasive damage.

For maximum effect, first get your floor cleaned with our ABSOLUTE DEEP CLEANING SYSTEM before getting the ABSOLUTE SPARKLE TREATMENT. This will leave your floor looking glossy, shiny and classy.

(Lightly scratched/Dull looking/Slightly stained)

If your vinyl flooring has light scratches, stains or a dull appearance, you’ll want to try our ABSOLUTE REVIVAL TREATMENT. This is one of our latest products in floor care innovation, and we’re excited to help you achieve the perfect condition for your vinyl floor.

After undergoing our own ABSOLUTE DEEP CLEANING SYSTEM where even the toughest remnants of dirt, grime, scuff and renovation debris are removed, our REVIVAL treatment will bring back the day one feel of your vinyl flooring. Depending on your ideal vinyl finish, you can even choose an additional treatment using our ABSOLUTE RESTORER OIL to get the perfect finish in less than a day.

(Damaged/Stained Yellow/Deeply Scratched Flooring)

For more stubborn damages such as yellowish stains or deep scratches, we have the ABSOLUTE ULTRA TREATMENT that can return your flooring back to its original glory with minimal disruption to your schedules. With our own proprietary ABSOLUTE PROTECT SYSTEM, our technology is designed to carefully repair and rejuvenate your damaged floor areas. Try it today to make damaged flooring a thing of the past!

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Water Differences

Black Water

Years of dirt and microorganisms

Grey Musky Water

Renovation dirt & debris

Why Choose us?

Why Deep Clean?

Dirt and bacteria stuck in between the vinyl grains and vinyl tiles are stubborn and do not come off easily. Traditional methods such as sweeping or mopping do not solve the issue. They are not very visible to the naked eye and gets accumulated over the years if ignored.

Why ignore the issue when it can be solved?

With Our professional services and experience, we can help to extract dirt and bacteria so that you can feel at ease.

Why Coat?

Protect your clean floors even further with our very own ABSOLUTE ULTRA+ or ABSOLUTE REVIVAL treatment, we will extend the gloss of your floor to keep it looking good for a long, long time.

Looking for a different finish? You can choose to include our special ABSOLUTE RESTORER OIL, specially formulated to keep dirt and bacteria away from your nicely polished floor.

With the care of our dedicated team, you’ll be “amazed” by how good your floor can look. Contact us today to find out more!

For any enquiries or questions, simply drop us an email via the form below or contact us at +65 8188 6638 We will get back to you as soon as possible.